DrupalCon Paris 2009

DrupalCon Paris 2009

The Drupal event thats connects hundreds of developers, designers, builders, and IT managers.

About DrupalCon

DrupalCon is the conference for Drupal users, developers, designers and decision makers.

It is held twice a year: once in North-America around Spring and once in Europe, in late Summer or early Fall. The conference has been steadily growing and now brings together more than a thousand Drupal enthusiasts from around the world.

DrupalCon is where some of the best developers and leading business owners cross paths, exchange ideas, find partners and conceive projects. It’s where community ties are strengthened and Drupal’s future is decided. It's where you want to be to make things happen.

Drupalcon Paris takes place September 1-5, 2009 and features 800+ attendees, 100+ sessions, 3 conference days, 2 code sprints and a day of commercial Drupal training.

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